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 Dr. Ashbel Woodward House Museum


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Alden Miner, Chair of the Board of Directors



 The Ashbel Woodward Museum was once the home of the town physician, a noted local historian, antiquarian, Civil War veteran and author. Woodward lived in Franklin from 1830 to 1885. His home was acquired and restored by the Town of Franklin as a repository for collections and information relating to the history of the town and the community, and as a site for special historical events. Dr. Woodward was born in Willington, Connecticut and studied at Bowdoin College in Maine before settling in Franklin.


The museum is located at 387 Route 32, but access and parking is via Plains Road only, using the same entrance as the State of Connecticut’s Wildlife Management Agency.



For more information on tours or special events,    visit https://sites.google.com/site/ashbelwoodwardmuseum, or email the museum atashbelwoodwardmuseum@gmail.com. 










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